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Prozone Ozone Generator

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Prozone for use against bacteria and viruses
Suitable for use in endodontics, cavity management, prophylaxis/periodontology.
Prozone is a medical ozone generator that produces air with a specific ozone content and prevents overdoses. Prozone is suitable for disinfection in all dental applications. All areas can be treated easily, quickly and safely.

The special action of ozone effectively kills all types of bacteria, viruses and fungal infections within just a few seconds. Werner v. Siemens recognised this fact and in 1857 he built the first ozone generator for water disinfection. The first successful dental ozone studies were carried out in Switzerland as early as 1935. It is impossible to imagine practice today without reliable disinfection. Whereas treatment using traditional disinfectants creates air bubbles (e.g. endodontics) and can prevent penetration right to the end of the canal, the use of ozone allows the entire root canal, including any side canals, to be disinfected.

Natural oxidation with an exact concentration and dosage Ozone uses a natural oxidation germ-killing oxidation process and has also a strong anti-inflammatory effect and aids haemostasis. Ozone works straight away. As soon as the ozone meets the tissue, the nerve endings are numbed and pain is suppressed both immediately and in the long-term. The treatment time, which is based on the severity of the respective inflammation and can be adjusted accordingly, covers the entire disinfection process.

Working with Prozone is completely pain-free for your patients, regardless of whether it is used for cavity disinfection, surgical disinfection, periodontal disinfection or endodontic treatment. This is a particular advantage for hyper-sensitive patients and children.

Advantages at a glance:
* Quick: unlike traditional disinfectants, ozone does not need time to start working
* Effective: thanks to its gaseous form and special range of tips, ozone from the Prozone generator reaches all areas that need disinfecting, therefore keeping the risk of reinfection to a minimum.
* Safe: the dosage is preset on the device overdosage/risk of overdosage is not possible
* Easy: Prozone is practical, easy to manage and convenient to use

With Prozone, the new ozone generator by W&H, you will discover the unexpected powers of disinfection. Suitable for use in virtually all aspects of dentistry, it is highly effective in the prevention of inflammation and infection.

The main features at a glance:
*no residence time
*reduced treatment time
*easy to manage
*convenient to use
*overexposure is not possible

  • Model: 1856190
  • Manufactured by: W&H Dentalwerk, Austria

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