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Extend-A-Life Refill 5's

Packaging: 5 x Extend-A-Life

Aluminous oxide stones designed for the debriding of clogged diamond burs. Wet before using with water spray from handpiece to maximize effectiveness and minimize aeration (and hence inhalation) of stone particles. Run diamond bur 2 seconds on stone in a stroking fashion with water coolant, or simply cut approximately 1/4 inch sideways into stone to unclog diamond bur (never approach from the tip). One may use the chips for debriding bur throughout the preparation procedure. Larger reusable stones have been available heretofore, however, the Extend-A-Life disposable chips offer the most fool-proof means of preventing patient cross contamination. Simply discard after use with each patient. For pennies in the price of chips, dollars can be saved in extending the life of diamond burs. Used also to unclog plastic from diamond or carbide burs.

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  • Model: 1854852
  • Manufactured by: Ultradent Inc., USA

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