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Consepsis IndiSpense 30ml

Packaging: 30ml IndiSpense Syringe

Consepsis antibacterial solution is recommended for procedural endodontic disinfection, as a final endodontic rinse prior to canal obturation,13 and prior to pulp capping. Consepsis solution should be used after smear layer removal for canal disinfection. Sodium hypochlorite and EDTA solutions should be rinsed and removed prior to using Consepsis solution.

Minimize post-op sensitivity by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the preparation prior to restoring. Use prior to cementation, luting (provisional and/or permanent), and direct restorative placement, as well as procedural endodontic disinfection. Disinfect with near-neutral Consepsis solution prior to pulp capping.

> Provides the longest and most effective antimicrobial activity
> Reduces potential for postoperative sensitivity
> Increases bond strengths with dentin bonding agents
> May ensure long-term bond strengths by inhibiting MMP action in the hybrid layers

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  • Manufactured by: Ultradent Inc., USA

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